In search of the miraculous
In search of the miraculous
" … If in the contemporary Montenegrin art there is an artist who lives through his art, whose bordering line between an artist and a man is invisible, it is definitely Uroš Tošković. Incomprehensible, unadjusted, neglected, he is a terrifying creator of his work, which can be described with the same attributes. Uroš is not trying to please anybody with his drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, … nor with his words, views, behavior. He is just like that because it is his freedom, both creative and human … It is his choice as much as his fate … ". 
Anastazija Miranović, MA, Art Historian 
I represent myself
"You know, I am 80, it is quite something to be vital like this … how many of the people of my age are alive? None of them, all dead but me, look at this body of mine. Do you think what I do is easy? I am a free man and a free painter, not like others who copy my work and show it as their own. For a while I worked day and night and if I had continued at the same pace, I would have achieved immortality or committed suicide. I drank rainwater from Bratonožići, and ate soil because I believed that was the natural way to stay alive at least one hundred years.
This food is unhealthy no matter where we are. You see, I am healthy, strong, I feel great and I think I can live like this for another 10 – 15 years. I have already prepared myself to turn each single year into two. I am not saying I am a big shot but I represent myself. You need to have a degree so that the society won’t crush you down. I am an educated painter and I founded the ‘Mediala’ group. 
I was strong and nobody could harm me, but I could harm myself. I thought I was a lousy painter and that I should put an end to it. Many 84-year-old painters are unable to stand on their feet, to talk like this, to be healthy, but me, you see how I look. You simply can not achieve anything without fighting for it. Everybody should do their job. Everything is written down, you just need to know. First of all you have to know yourself. But we have lost that ability. I haven’t, though.
Uroš Tošković, photo: Igor Šuntić
I nurture that. If they had lived like me, they would have died within a year. But that’s energy. I stayed in hotels for over 40 years. I lived in many hotels all over Montenegro. Why? To be isolated, to travel, to be alone. I am not a big shot but it really makes me satisfied to have witnesses", Uroš responds sincerely. 
Interviewed by: Radmila Krgović
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