Mountains of Rožaje Region
Ervin Kalač Gaša from Rožaje, a mountain lover, professor, entrepreneur and the chairman of the "Ahmica" Mountaineering Club, has recently published his monograph entitled "Mountains of Rožaje Region".  
 What are the benefits of spending time in the mountains, and what emotions do we experience there? 
People go to the mountains in never-ending search for beauty, for the world they imagine, full of confidence the intact nature inspires. In the mountains we become aware of our close ties with the nature; we get to know ourselves better, recognizing the human mortality and the nature’s everlasting existence. Gorgeous, proud, sublime, mountain tops call on us, they are the aim we strive for, they make us impatient to climb up and be with them. Once on top of the mountain, we feel as if in a surreal world. Looking around, we see only the distant mountain crests pointing to the sky, almost touching it, while the green sea of forests and meadows are beneath us. Such landscapes endow both mind and soul, making us better, exalted persons. Interpersonal relations in the mountains are more natural, spontaneous and sincere as they are free from false embellishment we face in everyday urban life. Friendships made in the mountains are true and long lasting, cherished in our hearts and kept in warm recollections. 
Interview ed by: Milan Radović
Photos: Ervin Gaša Kalač
(RENOME no 8.)
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