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Montenegrin undersea stories of sunken ships, the fleets that "live" in our territorial waters.


Sunken ships

Twelve episodes of forgotten and sunken ships - the wrecks of our waters manuscript is production team, the Diving Center Marina from Herceg Novi, Dragan Gavicević made underwater photography and video, Marija Čople is screenwriter, and Slobodan M. Šćepanović is director. The eponymous and distinguished monography of Dragana Gacević published by Montenegrin Matica (2012) created screenwriting’s template. The book has been accepted and recognized as part of the puzzle we needed. A valuable piece of work for the maritime history, undersea branding and finally as a gift to those whose houses were special rhythm and care for our heritage, sea and undersea.

Gačević Dragan

Images that are donated for review and interpretation, paying obligation and pay tribute to the undersea monuments and the time that none of us should forget. Preserving the forgotten story of the submerged naval, fleet permanently sealed facts for future generations of researchers, divers, historians. In the story below water, which talks about "sleeping ships" calmly on our sea territory from16th century to the present day, the crew of TV series The Montenegrin Undersea wants illuminate and demystifies this small but important part of our historical book collection has. Read these exclusive display offshore culture workers, in March this serial in this tempo becomes Montenegrin National Product.

After more than a half century of broadcasting series of "World of Silence", the French oceanographer, scientist and researcher Jacques Cousteau and a 40-year period of the flow of the first television series from the former state - Yugoslavia titled "Secrets of the Adriatic", recorded the first 12 episodes, as part of television serial of sunken ships – Montenegrin Undersea.

In the opening episode of this serial will escort all the episodes in chronological half hour presentation of the director's most demanding and dramatic forms, keeping viewers attention and breath under the water.

Being under water and listen to the solitude, it is an unusual privilege. Dive to great depths, that passion is just testing the predetermined person. While the decline in blue means "just" to have mastered the technique of dives and learn what diving instructor can verify the brevet, the diploma for passed diving course.


Seek the truth, to keep heritage slumbers beneath the sea of devastation and forgetting and show photos from the blue tomb of sunken ships belonging to the mission of this serial. Presented ships - the wrecks: Tihany, Patrolac, Galija, Golešnica, Dague, Oreste, Rumija, Goritia, Avion Spitfire, Srebreno.


The mysterious world hidden in the deep sea has always fed the human imagination, instills awe, curiosity aroused and stimulated desire to explore. However, you should be aware that, despite all their efforts will never be known the exact number of sunken ships or sailors killed on our side of the Adriatic, counting time from the start of navigation until today. The importance of this dangerous and traffic waterway transport is widely known. Dominance for narrow maritime area is not only fighting people who inhabit them. More often, they were the great forces, which were intersected spears and loses its navy for political, territorial and economic interests.


While the book author and underwater photography, producing team member of Montenegrin undersea Dragan Gačević "breathe the soul" unnamed wrecks, giving them life and identification number, the rest of the gang agrees production photo - video collage, bringing to light the technical details wreck, wreck state, exact position, tips and recommendations for diving.


We should say that for each dive, other than material possibilities, organization and own time, it need extensive knowledge and experience. Of course, these references are not acquired overnight and it should invest resources and money, as in any important treasure. Sometimes, or most often, while departing on a scheduled dive, hit the fridge, muddies the water, let it happen contingencies situation and diving is canceled. Recording under water should be routine, skill and be very sure of compressed air ... simply, a human should be a seal!


Diving is a sport that is practiced in couple. Couple holds your life together "in the hands". Depend on each other in any time, view and sense. Under water, everything is possible. The best divers have lost their heads, when they were too relaxed or deliberately skipped some steps. That is why it is important and it does matter who is partner in the doubles. Powerful and strong is the attachment to this sport. Divers are primarily researchers, after they can be categorized in sports, entertainment, tourism, extreme types ... They are ready to work, weld and dig under water. Because of this, divers’ people are particular and specific.

Individual cannot save sea and undersea. It demands absolute attention and commitment. For such activities is expected undersea professional staff of archaeologists, who are supposed to do archiving, identifying, selecting and classifying the existing material ... Required are other staff of professionals, who will help in the legislation to protect our maritime heritage from further devastation and oblivion.


With this serial, we want to attract the attention of national and international public, to all involved and help rescue historiographical material, so we had to leave as a legacy for generations to come and who would not dream that all belongs to our country and us.

It is known that EU standards adopted in 2004 provide services in the diving tourism. These are strictly prescribed norms which suggests that this are professional, accurate and organized work in European diving centers. To make the first step towards raising the scuba diving tourism services, it is necessary to make a new regulation or new legislation, which is valid on this subject. It must follow the laws of the EU, whether we like it or not. Of course, they will not be inclined to sports clubs, to collect profits, but will deal with the promotion of their activities in the framework of its business. In this sense, should be forced professionalism and benevolence of fans on undersea heritage.


The project plan - Diving Museum of Dragan Gačević


In the opinion of well-known professor of museology from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade Dr. Bojan Đorđevića, a museum would be presented a very modern and versatile approach and original contribution to preserving the memory of marine and undersea history in Montenegro, and the former Yugoslavia. This museum looks like really emerging from the depths. Starting from their diving experience, introducing the world to the sunken ships, Dragan Gačević came up with the idea to present everything in these adventures collected. At this level, this would be a classic maritime museum, with artifacts that may be considered true museum furniture: parts of ships, plaques with their names, pottery, tools, weapons etc. Selecting very thoughtful exhibits, Gačević took into account the potential audience. Items are suitable and receptive for wider visitors. On the other hand, have a clear historical and documentary value. Some of these cases (particularly versatile ship’s tools) have esthetic value. Under well-defined conditions of preservation and protection will enable availability of these artifacts...

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By: Marija Čolpa

Photo: Dragan Gačević

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